What is a Raw Food Diet?

The raw vegan diet consists of fruits and vegetables, cooked under 42 degrees Celsius, or 108 degrees Fahrenheit, to preserve nutrients, keep enzymes in their original state, and avoid trans fats.

Most raw vegans follow the diet at 80% and above.

What are the big diets in the raw food world?

There are as many ways to practice the diet as there are people who do so. There are even raw diets that incorporate meat, like Paleo, or diets designed for long-term veganism, like Raw Till Four.

Within the fully raw and detox oriented diets, there are two large schools: the Dr. Morse Diet and the 80/10/10 diet. The diets are similar, and both consist of mostly fruit. They differ on aspects relating to food combining, protein and fat ratios, and fasting. The aim of both is to create a detox process.

What is Detox? Why is it a permanent cure?

Detox is the process in which the body rids itself of acids, toxins, and parasites, rebuilds cells and organs, and thus cures symptoms permanently. Detox is a permanent cure, because the body rebuilds damaged tissue, and thus resumes all it's full functions without relying on external medicine and treatments. The symptoms are cured permanently and do not return. The raw vegan diet is a curing diet, and also a preventative diet.

The raw vegan diet detoxes by nourishing the body with foods that form an alkaline environment when digested. These foods can be acidic when ingested (like lemons) but when digested they are highly alkaline. They are light, and do not waste much of the body’s energy on digestion-freeing more energy to rebuild tissue. This type of cure is no different than healing from an external or internal wound. Though occurring continuously throughout the diet, detox can also come in a more condensed form, over a few hours to a few days, known a healing crisis.


What are the long term benefits of being raw vegan?

The main long term benefits benefits of raw are curing disease, weight control, until-aging, and overall healthy lifestyle. 


Watch the ever - young Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman make Apple Ravioli (and guess their age...)

Will my eyes change color? What is iridology?

A method growing in popularity to determine the overall state of the body, and the strength of different systems is called iridology.


In a nutshell:

The eye should have one colour and fibres should be straight. Places in the eye which are of a different colour carry toxicity, and places in the eye with curly fibres show a genetic weakness, both relating to specific organs, according to eye charts. On high levels of the diet, raw vegans have been able to reverse genetic weaknesses, and clear the body of toxins, resulting in colour change and clear eyes.

Click for eye charts

See a case of reversed genetical weaknesses (change of eye fibre)

What are the benefits of fasting?

"Fasting must always be in the service of eating" (Osho)

Fasting is a natural way to give the body rest from the energy spent on digestion and direct it's efforts towards healing. Fasting doesn't necessarily mean not eating. There are different types of fasting where you actually eat all the time, like grape fasting, or juice fasting. There are plenty of important resources linked in the video below: 

FullyRaw Kristina breaking a water fast:

Where can I find more information?

Various search engines online can give more information, and as this is a growing trend, there are raw vegan chefs publishing cookbooks and sprouting guides.

What are the best vegan cookbooks in the raw world? Well, here are my favourites:

What about spirituality?

For some people, vegan cooking (or un-cooking) relates to being spiritual. I've done my homework. So here it it is:





I hope you have found this page helpful. And enjoy the recipes!



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