100 Smoothies and Smoothie Challenge! The second in the Raw Munchies vegan cookbooks series is now OUT!!!

....and ready to Raw. Quick and easy, energetic and mouth- watering smoothies: exotic fruit smoothies, savory vegetable smoothies, super detox smoothies, and even two color smoothies!!! "100 Raw Vegan exotic smoothies, great for detox, and ready in 5 minutes" See more here.

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It's true! Raw food recipes have never been more exciting! Mission Raw, the first vegan cookbook in the Raw Munchies book series is now OUT!!!

....and ready to Raw. Delicious raw vegan versions of popular recipes. For everyone who wants a healthier version of pizza, burgers, sushi, and gourmet recipes. This book is all about cravings: burgers, pizza, ice cream, sushi, all in their raw vegan version. It’s a great way to have a guilt-free, gluten-free healthy meal. 30 recipes for 30 days of raw adventure. It's a great way to have health foods! See more here.

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Raw Vegan is a healthy, fun way of cooking. Let's explore new ways of making great food, but with the best ingredients on the planet.

On this website you will find inspiring raw vegan recipes (... and raw vegan deserts), vegan cooking tips, information about the raw food diet, and links to experts including authors of the best vegan cookbooks in the world!


It really is a whole new way of cooking.