Raw Authors Inspiring Advice from Mimi Kirk


I  have reached out to a great authority in the Raw food world: Mimi Kirk!


She is an expert on the raw food diet and vegan recipes. She has 4 vegan cookbooks (see below). She was also was voted America’s “Sexiest Vegetarian over 50” at age 70. Definitely someone I'd want to listen to...


I thought I'd ask Mimi for some advice. Especially now, at the beginning of my own series of raw vegan cookbooks.


Mimi was very kind and allowed me to share her inspiring words here, on this blog:


Always good to write about the best vegan cookbooks!




Mimi's Books

Mimi's Inspiring Words

“I’m just living my authentic life with passion. I think I grew in popularity because of my age. People expect to see someone decline in there later years but I prove we can slow the ageing process in many areas by eating healthy!
I love what I do and that makes me very happy and blessed.
Wishing you the best of luck.
Stick to what you believe.
Best, Mimi"


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