Thank You

My first thanks and the biggest hug in the world goes to Dr. Robert Morse, for writing The Detox Miracle Sourcebook, and for your life’s work saving people and answering the questions of those like me, who are discovering raw vegan for the first time. Without you, this would never have happened. To Drew, Jennifer, and Shannon from the Dr. Morse Herbal Health Club and Helen from the Cotswolds Juice Retreat, who stood by me when the going was hard and believed in what I did.


To my readers, and followers, and my amazing online community that kept me enthusiastic throughout this journey. To all raw vegans and anyone who’s ever made a smoothie or a salad. This is all for you.


To my supporting family and friends who accepted me the way I am, and supported me when I made this change. To Gandhali and Girish, who were very patient. You taught me how to cook traditional Indian dishes, and how to work with spices.


To Kristina Carrillo Bucaram, and her eye-changing video, which was how I first found out about this diet. To Markus Rothkranz and Cara Brotman for writing Love on a Plate, where I learned to walk my first steps in recipe conversions. You are responsible for breaking zucchini noodles. To Juliano Brotman and the video on making raw vegan meat. To Laura Miller for your amazing raw vegan tricks on the program Raw Vegan Not Gross.


To my copy editor Faith Williams, eBook formatter Dallas Hodge, photographer Julie Chalk, indexer Catherine Hookway, and cover designer Connor Jennings, who made this book series the quality that it is.


Hugs, Reut


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